Acta Phys. Pol. A 95, 335-342 (Mar 1999)
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Light-induced modification of 3D photonic band structure detected by means of photoreflection
A. M. Kapitonov, S. M. Kachan, A. N. Ponyavina, S. V. Gaponenko, V. N. Bogomolov, A. V. Prokofiev, P. Sitarek, and J. Misiewicz,
Acta Phys. Pol. A 95, 335-342 (1999).
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Abstract: Porous synthetic opal possessing a three-dimensional photonic band structure of semimetallic type was impregnated with polycrystalline {CdS}. The photonic stop band in (111) direction was examined by means of photoreflection technique. Under cw laser excitation of semiconductor inclusions the reflectance of the system changes indicating a modification of photonic band structure. A possible mechanism is discussed. Numerical simulations within the framework of quasicrystalline approximation are given.
Keywords: colloidal crystals; gap; spectroscopy; opals

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