J. Appl. Spectr. 79, 754-764 (Nov 2012)
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J. Appl. Spectr. 79, 754-764 (Nov 2012)
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Effective optical constants of composite materials with an arbitrary volume concentration of nanoinclusions
A. N. Ponyavina, S. M. Kachan, and E. E. Tselesh,
J. Appl. Spectr. 79 (5), 754-764 (2012).
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Abstract: A new mixing rule for the effective dielectric constant of composite materials is formulated on the basis of a probabilistic approach for describing the structure of granular composite structures. The advantages of the proposed model become apparent for high concentrations of inclusions with optical constants that differ sig-nificantly from those of the matrix. The distinctive feature of this model compared to the Maxwell Garnett rule is symmetry of the computational formulas and their invariance with respect to the numbering order of the materials, as well as the possibility of describing the two-mode structure of the surface plasmon resonance absorption band in metal-dielectric nanocomposites with a high concentration of the metallic phase.
Keywords: densely packed nanostructures, effective dielectric constant, surface plasmon resonance.

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