J. Mol. Struct. 563-564, 267-272 (May 2001)
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Resonance absorption spectra of composites containing metal-coated nanoparticles
S. M. Kachan and A. N. Ponyavina,
J. Mol. Struct. 563-564, 267-272 (2001).
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Abstract: The possibility of controlling the selective absorbance of composites containing nanoparticles with a metallic shell is investigated. The dependence of spectral position and absolute value of surface plasmon extinction maximum on the particle radius and material of core and shell are analysed in the visible region. The effect of absorbed energy redistribution between external and internal surface plasmons is established to be a change in the ratio of dielectric core/matrix refractive indices.
Keywords: metalline nanoparticles; spectral characteristics; surface modes;; surface

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