Proc. of SPIE 4705, 88-94 (2002)
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Spectral characteristics of confined photonic and plasmonic nanostructures
S. M. Kachan and A. N. Ponyavina,
Proc. of SPIE 4705 - Coherent Optics of Ordered and Random Media II, 88-94 (2002).
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Abstract: The transmission and reflection spectra of 1D photonic crystals based on close-packed silver nanosphere monolayers separated by thin solid dielectric films are investigated in the frame of the statistical theory of multiple scattering of waves. In order to realize jointed electron and photonic confinement we choose intermonolayer film thickness so that the photonic band gap and metal nanoparticle surface plasmons are realized at close frequencies in the visible region. Photonic stopband formation is studied under these conditions at different particle sizes, concentrations and geometrical parameters of the system with regard to size dependence of metal nanoparticle dielectric function. The red shift of plasmon resonance with packing factor increasing due to the lateral coupling between close-packed metal nanoparticles within a monolayer is shown. One-dimensional ordering of monolayers gives rise to the formation of the photonic stopband in the vicinity of a plasmon absorbency resonance. The appearance of a doublet structure of attenuation spectra and narrowed reflection peak has been established.
Keywords: metal nanoparticles, collective effects, 1D photonic crystals, surface plasmon

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