Proc. of SPIE 4748, 433-437 (2002)
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Binary ˝oherent interactions in planar partially ordered metal-dielectric nanostructures
R. A. Dynich, A. N. Ponyavina, A. Y. Khairullina, and S. M. Kachan,
Proc. of SPIE 4748 - ICONO 2001, 433-437 (2002).
Abstract: Polarization and coherent effects for chain-ordered planar arrays of metallic nanospheres have been investigated within the framework of the model of binary interactions. The dependence of plasmon resonance frequency on the light polarization state due to the lateral electrodynamic coupling has been revealed. The effect of nanoparticle space ordering on the shape of the natural light absorption spectra have been established.

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