Surface Science 507-510, 603-608 (Jun 2002)
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The spatial ordering effect on spectral properties of close-packed metallic nanoparticle monolayers
S. M. Kachan and A. N. Ponyavina,
Surface Science 507-510, 603-608 (2002).
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Abstract: In the frame of the theory of multiple scattering of waves we have studied transmission spectra of monolayers of monodisperse spherical metallic nanoparticles surrounded by dielectric matrix at different nanoparticle arrangement types. The method being used takes into account collective effects of the coherent nature and electrodynamic coupling between particles. The effect of the particle correlation degree on the surface plasmon absorption band has been investigated for random close-packed, polycrystalline quasiregular and chain-like planar particle arrays. We have established that the spatial ordering is mostly pronounced in transmission spectra of metal nanoparticle chain-like monolayers. Binary interactions in these structures cause the structure modification and the polarization dependence of the surface plasmon-polariton resonance.
Keywords: computer simulations; light scattering; silver;; electromagnetic-waves; scattering; films

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