Vest. Akad. Nauk Belarussii (Phys.-Mat. Series) 2, 99-104 (2000)
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Plasmon resonances in double-layered spherical metalline nanoparticles (in Russian)
S. M. Kachan,
Vest. Akad. Nauk Belarussii (Phys.-Mat. Series) 2, 99-104 (2000).
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Abstract: The effect of a metal volume fraction in a particle on spectral dependence on the extinction efficiency factor of a nanosize double-layer particle had been investigated with regard to the optical constants size dependence both a metal shell and a metal core cases. Dependence of resonance spectral positions and resonance absolute magnitudes on a metal volume fraction had been studied by the example of silver. It was founded that nanosize double-layer particles with a metal shell have two plasma resonance peaks in extinction spectra. Spectral positions of the peaks in contrast with absolute magnitudes in maximum depend only on a metal volume fraction and don't depend on a shell's thickness within a particle parameter range is investigated.

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